There are many Kevin Goldsmiths in the world. I'm the one in the software industry. Or, at least, the oldest one in the software industry. Or, at the very least, the one to think of registering the domain name first.

Currently, I am a Vice President of Engineering at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. I have also run the various elements of Unit Circle Media for over 20 years. Nothing on these pages represents the views of either of those companies, unless I explicitly state otherwise. I also record and perform as Intonarumori and Answers to April.

I blog mainly at Puppies, Flowers, Rainbows and Kittens.

Thanks for eye and ear-balling my stuff.

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  • @kstewart @EricGeorge_ And now the fix is in review, should go out in the next release. Let's see that other company give you that service.

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  • @kstewart @EricGeorge_ [Insert minor bug as reason I quit creative cloud here]

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  • @adrianh sometimes it's good, need to question things. Sometimes it just creates problems for no reason. Not monoculture, but shared values.

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  • tip o’ the hat to popforms.
    posted on May 23 2015
  • Here are the slides from my Minsk talk about breaking up monoliths in your schedule, your team and in your software architectures can increase velocity and innovation.
    posted on April 11 2015
  • One of the most challenging parts of managing a traditional, hierarchical, organization is being responsive to new opportunities; especially those that require leveraging skillsets outside your own team. At Spotify, our organizational model allows us to create, dissolve, and remix teams with a minimal disruption to individuals or managers. This gives us tremendous abilities to address both temporary and long term opportunities. Continue reading
    posted on March 23 2015
  • I’ve scheduled a few talks this year, including one next week in Minsk! I always list my upcoming talks on my website, so you can go there if you are interested in seeing if I am speaking near you. As … Continue reading
    posted on March 19 2015
  • Laura It is difficult to quantify just how much I hate the phrase “low hanging fruit”, but it is a lot. Me let’s double click on that… I’m just spitballing here… but we could replace that with “enable success vectors … Continue reading
    posted on February 2 2015