There are many Kevin Goldsmiths in the world. I'm the one in the software industry. Or, at least, the oldest one in the software industry. Or, at the very least, the one to think of registering the domain name first.

Currently, I am a Director of Engineering at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. I have also run the various elements of Unit Circle Media for over 20 years. Nothing on these pages represents the views of either of those companies, unless I explicitly state otherwise. I also record and perform as Intonarumori.

I blog mainly at Puppies, Flowers, Rainbows and Kittens.

Thanks for eye and ear-balling my stuff.

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  • @united baggage handlers at BOS or EWR went through my bag (lock missing, no TSA notice, contents shuffled). Not a happy customer.

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  • Good read: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Tip o' the hat to @JonasAman

    [ tweet link - posted on April 22 2014 ]
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