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Developing Your Developers: Constructing Career Paths For Your Technologists


Everyone knows that career development is a critical part of employee retention. Many companies put little effort into how they build their career development frameworks. Startups especially are moving so fast and don’t want to exert effort on things that don’t meaningfully push the business forward. Companies will often borrow liberally from other companies with little thought to the impact on their organization.

How you construct development paths in your company can support and deepen your company values. It can be a competitive differentiator for attracting talent and retaining your best employees.

Where and how do you start? What pitfalls do you need to avoid? How do you roll out your framework, and how do you update it over time? How can technology and people team leaders cooperate in the creation of a career pathing plan?

This talk answers those questions using the real experience and lessons learned from building career frameworks at Spotify, Avvo, and Onfido. Three very different companies with different cultures, but a shared understanding of the importance of career development for their employees.

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