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What Does Good Agile Look Like?

We attend Agile By Example because we believe in Agile and we want to develop our skills and improve how our teams work. We work Agile because we have had great experiences and success working this way. Our experience is not common! Most "Agile Transformations" fail. Many (if not most) Agile teams have poor Agile practices. People new to Agile struggle through these failed transformations or poor practices and get a wrong impression of Agile, because they have never seen it done well! Poor experience with Agile leads to the many myths and fallacies that developers repeat to each other or post on social media. What can a dedicated Agilist do to inspire their teams to embrace Agile or work on improving their Agile processes? Two years ago, I came to ABE to talk about the culture of continuous improvement that we were building at Avvo. It turns out that one of the biggest challenges we faced was explaining what our vision was, where we were going. I will return for this years' ABE to talk about what a high-performing Agile company looks like, how to create and explain a vision for your teams and I will share the painful lessons we learned at Avvo as we worked on our evolution. I will also share the model I use to help with an Agile cultural transformation.
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